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GC journel header by Gingacreator

Hello my fellow deviants ^^ today, I have A LOT to talk to ya about. Bit of update and such.

DeviantArt Gingacreator

Alright, there's going to be something's I'm gonna update y'all about:

4th Wall by Gingacreator

Now, if some of you will recall, I've been working on a story known as the "4th Wall", a crossover stories consisting of 8 + universes. As some of you might noticed, the 3rd chapter is taking a VERY long time to get out. I apologize and I am working on it, but, the recent events in legend of Korra (thank you, season 4 :| ) was REALLY screwing up with what I had planned ^^;. So, I'm trying to finish that up the best I can, trying to get it altered up and figured things out, I promise you ;).

Speaking of which, guess which universe will get involved this time?...

Stevenuniverse-580x871 by Gingacreator

Yep, this series will be involved in it somehow. I had doubts at first, but one episode changed my mind (which I'll have you guess on which one episode that is ;)).

YouTube Neon-Sphinx

Neonsphinx icon by Gingacreator

Some of you would know, I have a YouTube account called "Neon - Sphinx". I've gotten through some videos, so, Here's some future videos I've got planned. I've decided to handle 3 categories (Avatar, MLP, and misc.) A bit odd, but, I'm a fan of both shows, so...yeah. Anyway, First outta the gate:

Amon and his Equalists by Gingacreator
1: Amon's bending removal
Main question: How exactly is he removing Bending from other people?
Jet's village burns by Gingacreator
2: Avatar Post-apocalypse theory
Main question: Did the avatar series take place in a post-apocalypse setting? (believe me, it'll make more sense once it comes out)

MLP (non-review)
640px-King sombra by cmaggot-d5kpe62 by Gingacreator
3: Sombra
Main question: Is King Sombra, the main villain in the 2-parter "Crystal Empire", underrated?

MLP (review)

83589 by Gingacreator
Review: Patchwork by :iconobabscribbler:

Discarded Son by Gingacreator
Review: The Discarded Son by Gabriel LaVedier


4:ColossusComparison by Gingacreator
subject: Shadow of the colossus -
Top 10 dangerous Colossi

And that's it for videos. I do remember that music vodeo, but I 'm keepin that on backburner until I get enough spots filled ^^  As for the reason why I'm saying these? I'm open for collabs :D anyone who wants to join me here on these videos, I'm available. If you made videos with your voice before, I would love to see the previous works :) any ideas you want to do, let me know ;)

FimFiction EquestrianKirin

Yes, I now have an account in FIMfiction :3 A little something i'll like to make known.

Also, for :iconjoshscorcher:,:iconlethalauroramage:, and :iconmad--munchkin:, I think you 3 should hear this.

Remember this?
Stars of War - MLP story by Gingacreator
And remember that I've forgot about this thing? Whelp, it's going on FIMfiction instead :D I'll make sure that you're credited, and sorry for the long delay on the whole thing ^^;.

and...I think that's it.

I'll see you all later ;)


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age: 16

Hi gang! I am the good GC (i would say great but im not the one of bragging XD) I have been fonded of the anime series.
I'm a creative digital artist, and love drawing :D

Things about me:
I love ginga
I can be kind of random sometimes
...I think that's it.
Deviants i know in real life:

1: :iconarmageddon-annie:

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