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(Hooray for Japanese Kanji La la la laLa la la la)


Check out the new website! Story chapters will be posted there ;) (Very spoilery, so read at your own risk ;))

Hello everyone, GC here, and, once again, I've got more ideas for stories. Crossover stories! Hooray for me!

Okay, My story idea of the crossover story is...unique, to say the least XD. Plot? Here it is:


A returning Student, Nagisa Shiota, comes back on his 3rd year of school to find his old friend, Twilight, realizing that he's stuck in Class 3-E instead of with her. At first, he takes it rather roughly, meeting the many students among the class but, things become even more complicated when he finds out about Korosensei, an alien sent by the Demonic Dragon, Giratina, to study the humans so Giratine could destroy the world with the knowledge he obtains. Balancing homework with saving the world!

...:iconbrianreganplz: - EVERYBODY CONFUSED?! XDXD
*ahem* anyway, some of the title does say some animes that are gonna mix together thus far. So, on a whim, here's the main Good cast:

Shiota Nagisa by NayukiMarcia
Name: Nagisa Shiota (塩田)
World: Assassination Classroom
Nagisa is the main protagonist, a calm, collective ,boy whom just entered Class 3-E. While quiet and observant, he is slightly insecure, but opens up more to those he finds closer to him, showing some good nature. That doesn't mean he has no exact negative his talent for knives...

Human Twilight Sparkle WP by AliceHumanSacrifice0
Name: Yugure Kagayaki (夕暮れ輝き) (Also known as Twilight)
World: My Little Pony
Twilight is an old friend of Nagisa when they were little until she had to move away 7 years ago, and recently her parents decided to move back. She is a smart, and mature girl for her age, but, tries her best to keep things on track, causing her to get paranoid if something goes wrong for too long.

Name: Monkey D. Luffy (モンキー·D·ルフィ)
World: One Piece
Luffy is a fun-loving, yet rebellious and dull teenager of class 3-E, ending up there due to his behavior (cheating and stealing from the teachers). He has the ability to stretch, mold and manipulate his body like rubber (stretching out his arms 20 feet ahead of him for example). His ability doesn't protect him from sharp objects however (Knifes, swords, etcetera)

Naruto .... by sharingandevil
Name: Naruto Uzumaki (ナルトうずまき)
World: Naruto
Naruto, being apart of a long line of ninjas and knowing various techniques, is a rather slow student overall (which was how he got in Class 3-E). He's has many traits that make him appear more childish than others would think, being naïve, funny, and even a bit perverted on occasion. But, he still is able to make good friendships with many, being a likeable person to be around.

Weed by GeneralAster
Name: Weed (ウィード)
World: Ginga Densetsu Weed
The main animal character, Weed is a loyal, brave and friendly dog whom came across the class during his travels around Japan. Weed has a big heart, and will fight for his friends, though never believes in killing as a true option unless there was no other way. The students only called him Weed after they realized that's the name he'll respond to.

Greninja by Xous54
Name: Greninja (ゲッコウガ)
World: Pokemon
Greninja is a Water/Dark type pokemon, sent to Japan by Arceus, in order to keep track of Korosensei as a restraint. He has the main traits to a master ninja; calm, firm, serious, lacking in sympathy towards who he's acquainted with. Despite this, he has a small tendency to "mess around" with his students by his ninja skills.

Now for those around the middle peeps Meow :3

Korosensei by beck45
Name: Korosensei (殺せんせー)
World: Assassination Classroom
Korosensei is an alien, bribed by the notorious Giratina to study on the humans and help him destroy the world. He is capable of many sorts of abilities, which include moving at Mach 20, and able to manipulate multiple pbjects with his many tentacles. He's a very smart, yet rather perverted alien, yet has his respect for his students.

Arceus by Xous54
Name: Arceus (アルセウス)
World: Pokemon
A ultimate, multi-type pokemon, Arceus is the main threat towards Giratina, and all who serve him. However, Arceus had become severely weakened, and must rely upon "the chose" in order to protect earth from Giratina.

And the Antagonists :devilish:

Ginga Densetsu Weed "Hougen" by Berskshire
Name: Hougen (法玄)
World: Ginga Densetsu Weed
Hougen is a devilish, demonic Great Dane which Giratina hired to help in his cause, Giratina's goals mirroring His own. Hougen despises humans, and his mission is to exterminate all humans in Japan. He has a deeply cruel nature, and will not hesitate to kill those who oppose him.

Giratina Altered Forme v.4 by Xous54

Name: Giratina (ギラティナ)
World: Pokemon
The embodiment of evil, Giratina was once a savior of earth, until he was banished to the distortion due to his violent behavior, thus losing his trust for all who live in the light (I.E, everyone). The dragon is extremely sadistic, having a silver tongue to manipulate his enemies into submission.

Thus far, that's all I have got for characters that are a garentee to show. I have other worlds I would like to mix, and other characters to put in, but, I'm not too sure about them just yet ^^; For example:

Soul Eater
Blair by justinwharton
.:Sonic:. by SonicWind-01

Also, some other things to note: since this is purely Anime (MLP being the only exception to the rule), I'm keeping it around PG-13 rating, which means violence and sexual themes are evident, just to make sure you guys are aware of it ^^.

For Genre...I'm thinking on the same thing Assassination Classroom had: Action, Comedy and Supernatural. Probably the best decision I could decide for what plotline I could muster for this.

Sooooooooooooo...what else to say...

I'll be more than happy to get this idea out so people could see it, so, It would be very appreciated for some word out ^^ If anyone wants to help me (some ideas, suggestions, or stuff new to try) It would be very appreciated. That doesn't mean I'm going to take every idea, just keep it within ratings and anime based, and you'll be fine, and I'll consider it. If I include your idea, I'll give credit to you ;)

If you also have any animes to suggest I should add, then, it'll be fine ^^ If you want an anime OC in, feel free to ask, but, they'll most likely be just one-shot characters (appearing in one "episode").

cheers everybody ^^


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Hi gang! I am the good GC (i would say great but im not the one of bragging XD) I have been fonded of the anime series.
I'm a creative digital artist, and love drawing :D

Things about me:
I love ginga
I can be kind of random sometimes
...I think that's it.
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