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4th Wall by Gingacreator

Hello everybody, GC here :) Now, I'm not gonna banter on about much, so let's just get it outta the way :)

As you all can see in the header above, this is my new idea for a story I was thinking about. It's like my "Avatar: new universe" project, except...well, better. IDK how else to say it ^^; But anyway, this crossover is gonna be a bit different.

1: In my other project, I've altered some character's backstories and personalities in order to fit within the story structure. Like have characters born within another world so relationships are established already. That's not gonna happen here, NOOOO, in this crossover, I'm not going to change any structure in their backstory, each character will be in their respected worlds until they cross over, meet other characters, and try to solve the issues and main plot the story's gonna provide.

2: in my other project, I had various OC's that serve the plot as the story went on. That's not going to happen here either...well, not exactly. there's only going to be a VERY few amount of actual OC's. I don't know how many, 5 I think?... anyway, everyone else will be from different shows and such.

3: one thing I'm ESPECIALLY not doing again is write "dud" chapters. You know, those very small chapters that serve close to nothing. I'm keeping these chapters at a moderate to long length.


Now for the shows that are gonna be the main focus of the whole thing. The title card gives SOME away, but since a few aren't as recognizable, I'm gonna tell you what they are anyway. Here's the list from the picture above:
20090302125201!Opening Avatar logo by Gingacreator
-Avatar: The Last Airbender

3045563794a5156491657l by Gingacreator
-Ginga Densetsu Weed

TeenTitansLogo by Gingacreator
-Teen Titans

Monsterrancher by Gingacreator
-Monster Rancher

MLP FIM logo by Gingacreator
-My Little Pony

The Legend of Korra opening logo by Gingacreator
-The Legend of Korra
Title02 by Gingacreator

(excuse the larger image for digimon, it has no thumbnail for some reason ^^;)
Each show here above are the main focus of this crossover, but, as like my other attempt, they're not the only one's that this'll happen to. Various other chapters in the future will have other concepts thrown into the mix. here's a few examples:
imagesTIKRTWMD by GingacreatorStrangers-Wrath-HD by GingacreatorPowerpuff Girls Z vol 1 by Gingacreator

I'm not saying they'll be guarantee, but I have these in mind, and some other might be included, I'm not sure ^^;. If I can find out how to include them in a way it makes since to the story, I'll include, but for right now it's a diffident maybe.


Now, let me give you all a bit of a heads up on the chapters, and their layout. Instead of giving you all the chapter up front, I'm gonna give a picture for each chapter, and a link to the stash file. That way, I can keep up my drawing skills while writing my story ;)

speaking of which, the story will do I put this?...flip-flopped? mainly the first couple of chapters, in terms of introduction, will jump around A LOT! so try to bare with it for the while. My bet is that the crazy jump-around will mellow out after I introduce each main world through the first upcoming chapters. It's hard to focus on one POV when you have 7 worlds to introduce in.

Another thing, the My Little Pony, and Legend of Korra franchises are going to be introduced at the current point. Their still on-going, so future information on both will not be included in. in this case, MLP will start here just after season 4, and legend of korra will be introduced soon after season 3 (as much as I don't want to). This isn't counting the others, since each other one has finished fully.

Speaking of which, I'm not going to exactly limit the information from each story to newcomers, at least to the introduction. The story will start from where I want it to, and each world being crossed into will be info from me and me alone. So, if you're new to any of these shows, chances are you're going to get lost in some of these, and spoilers are abundant...just bare with that.


So, ending here, I'm finished with the 1st chapter already, but I'm not going to show you guys until I get the picture done, okay? Hope you all enjoy the new story. It's gonna be a crazy ride fallowing this story ^^;


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age: 16

Hi gang! I am the good GC (i would say great but im not the one of bragging XD) I have been fonded of the anime series.
I'm a creative digital artist, and love drawing :D

Things about me:
I love ginga
I can be kind of random sometimes
...I think that's it.
Deviants i know in real life:

1: :iconarmageddon-annie:

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